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Phoenix Refrigerator & Freezer Repair

A high-quality, functioning refrigerator and freezer is one of the most important appliances in your kitchen, working hard 24/7 to keep food fresh and safe to eat. When your refrigerator or freezer breaks down, time is of the essence. You need a team of professionals who can handle repairs quickly and efficiently. Appliance Care & Repair is proud to be your #1 choice for appliance repair in Phoenix and the surrounding areas.

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Fridge and Freezer Specialists Phoenix Can Trust

Cooking and feeding your family fresh, healthy meals requires the help of a freezer and refrigerator. As a family appliance business headquartered in Phoenix, we know the critical role appliances play in keeping your home running smoothly, which is why our team of appliance repair professionals is ready to provide speedy, quality, and compassionate service. At Appliance Care & Repair, we believe you shouldn't have to sacrifice quality for affordability!

With our company policy of zero hidden fees, we can guarantee top-quality oven, refrigerator, and washer repairs without breaking the bank. To see the difference a true Phoenix appliance repair expert can make, we invite you to call us at (480) 466-9606.

A True Refrigerator Expert in Phoenix

When it comes to refrigerator repair in Phoenix, our appliance company has you covered. We service a wide range of trusted brands. Whether your fridge is dual door, single door, or smart, our appliance experts are ready to repair it.

Brands we work with include:

  • Haier
  • Whirlpool
  • Bosch
  • Maytag
  • LG
  • GE
  • Hotpoint
  • Hoover
  • Beko
  • Hitachi
  • Kenmore
  • Daby

We understand the vital role refrigerators play in the modern home. That's why we’re proud to offer same-day appliance repair throughout the Phoenix area. Contact us today at (480) 466-9606 to learn more!


Our Service Area

ACR is wholly dedicated to keeping Arizona's appliances in top shape. Our skilled technicians are ready to serve you, whether you're in the heart of Phoenix or on the outskirts of Scottsdale. Below are the main areas we service:

How Do I Know if My Refrigerator or Freezer Needs Repair?

Most people don't know their refrigerator requires repair until it shuts down, resulting in hundreds of dollars worth of spoiled groceries. Stay on top of your appliance's health by watching for signs your refrigerator or freezer needs the attention of a professional technician. These telltale symptoms of impending refrigerator repair in Phoenix include:

    Ice, Frost, or Moisture Build-up

    When you open your fridge or freezer and find excess frost or condensation, it may be a sign that your appliance needs repair. Most refrigerators pool any extra moisture into a drip tray. Too much condensation can overwhelm the tray, causing leaks. Water leakages are not only messy, they are potentially hazardous if the water comes in contact with electricity. Contact our Phoenix refrigerator repair experts as soon as possible to resolve this frustrating problem.

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    Increased Energy Consumption

    If you have an older refrigerator or freezer and your electricity bill suddenly spikes, you could be dealing with a malfunctioning or worn-out part. When you experience this situation alongside any other symptom, there's a high probability you need a qualified appliance repair company to save the day. Give (480) 466-9606 a call to schedule fridge repair in Scottsdale or Queen Creek.

    Loud Noises

    Refrigerators and freezers are large appliances, so it's no surprise they make a little noise. A soft hum and the occasional click or creak are nothing to worry about. However, a consistent and loud buzz alongside some rattling and clanging may indicate an issue in your appliance's function. Schedule a visit with our Phoenix appliance repair company to get to the bottom of the noise.

    Food Spoilage

    Another indicator of potential problems with your refrigerator is rapid food spoilage. This can be due to a temperature regulation issue or a broken door seal. If you suddenly notice meat, milk, or vegetables spoiling more quickly than usual, contact Appliance Care & Repair to get your appliance's function back on track.

The Importance of Prompt Fridge and Freezer Repair in Phoenix

Your refrigerator and freezer play an essential role in keeping your household running, which is why timely and regular maintenance is critical. You should have a technician examine your appliance when you notice something unusual occurring.

By addressing the problem early on, you can avoid more drastic issues down the line. Timely maintenance also decreases the likelihood that your refrigerator or freezer shuts down at the worst possible time, such as in the heat of the summer or right before a special event.

Schedule refrigerator repair in Phoenix or Scottsdale with a call to (480) 466-9606.

Refrigerator and Freezer Maintenance Tips

Keeping your refrigerator in good working condition is essential for preserving the freshness of your food and beverages. Fortunately, there are several maintenance tasks you can easily handle yourself to ensure your appliance operates at peak performance. From cleaning the coils to monitoring the temperature settings, we'll guide you through the simple steps you can take to prolong the life of your refrigerator and save money on energy costs.

  • Keep It Clean: Maintain the interior of your fridge by wiping it down regularly with water and mild dish soap. Cleaning up any accidental spills or stains can prevent bacteria growth and unwanted odors. Carefully vacuum or dust the condenser coils beneath the refrigerator to avoid overheating.
  • Keep It Organized: An overpacked refrigerator or freezer can restrict airflow and reduce efficiency. Additionally, an organized space can decrease the number of times you open and close the appliance, prolonging the lifespan of the seal.
  • Be Mindful: Pay attention to your refrigerator and notice any changes in function, such as increased condensation or temperature fluctuations. Being mindful of your refrigerator’s or freezer's condition can help you identify potential problems as they arise.
  • Leave It to the Professionals: It can be tempting to think you can save money and fix your fridge after watching a quick YouTube video, but this is false. DIY appliance repairs can further damage your fridge, resulting in more costly problems. For best results, leave repairs to a trusted appliance repair company in Phoenix.

Quality Workmanship Guaranteed

For over 20 years, Appliance Care & Repair has been the go-to service for refrigerator and freezer repairs in Arizona. We recognize these appliances' pivotal role in every household, and our skilled technicians have accumulated years of experience diagnosing and fixing a wide range of issues. We take pride in our top-quality services and the trust we have built with our customers over the years. To reinforce our commitment to excellence, we provide a robust 1-year warranty on both labor and parts for all refrigerator repairs.

When you hire Appliance Care & Repair for fridge repair in Phoenix, you’re opting for experience and satisfaction. Give (480) 466-9606 a call to schedule appliance service.

Refrigerator and Freezer Repair with Appliance Care & Repair

Your refrigerator and freezer always seem to choose the worst possible moments to stop working. Maybe it’s the night before a family dinner or an hour after you’ve restocked. But don't despair—Appliance Care & Repair is here to save the day. We are Phoenix’s premier appliance repair company and have the skills and expertise to provide it.

We understand the importance of having a reliable and efficient refrigerator and freezer, and we're committed to providing the best service possible. With our prompt and professional fridge repairs in Phoenix, you can trust us to keep your appliances running smoothly. So don't let a faulty refrigerator or freezer ruin your day! Contact Appliance Care & Repair, and let us take care of it for you.