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Appliance Repair in North Scottsdale

Life in North Scottsdale is hard to enjoy when one of your appliances won’t do its job. For appliance repair from a professional team that you can trust, reach out to Appliance Care & Repair at (480) 466-9606. We service all types of appliances including washers, dryers, refrigerators, and dishwashers. Take a moment to schedule an appointment today and solve all your appliance issues.

Leave Your Appliance Service in North Scottsdale to the best. Call (480) 466-9606 to get scheduled.
Appliance Repair in North Scottsdale

Professional North Scottsdale Appliance Repair

The North Scottsdale area might be one of the prettiest parts of the entire Valley of the Sun. Spending time out here serving customers is always a pleasure, and when we are finished delivering great service, we like to spend some time exploring the stunning McDowell Sonoran Preserve. Of course, all of that work can leave us pretty hungry, so a stop at one of the great area restaurants like Thompson 105 is always a great addition to the day.

If you decide to bring in Appliance Care & Repair for appliance repair in North Scottsdale, you’ll appreciate the transparency of our pricing. We always want our customers to know what they can expect to spend on any project, so no surprises will be coming your way in the form of extra fees tacked on at the last minute.

A Truly Comprehensive Appliance Expert in North Scottsdale

With so many appliances serving your North Scottsdale home, there are bound to be issues that pop up and need to be repaired. Whatever those issues may be, the team at Appliance Care & Repair is ready to get to work and resolve themy. Review the list of our appliance services below and reach out if you have any questions.

Refrigerator and Freezer Repair

There are many different components like a compressor, seals, gaskets, and more that all need to work in concert for your refrigerator and freezer to perform. Whether one or more of those parts have failed, the solution is the same—call Appliance Care & Repair today to schedule an appointment. Our freezer and refrigerator repair experts will have it fixed in no-time flat.

Dishwasher Repair

Is the detergent in your dishwasher getting stuck in the dispenser? Are your dishes soaking wet when the cycle is done? Those are just two of many potential issues that can be solved when you bring Appliance Care & Repair’s appliance experts out to your North Scottsdale home for a service call.

Oven Repair

If it doesn’t seem like your oven is heating accurately—maybe it’s hotter or colder than you expect—bringing in an experienced technician to address the problem is important. If you need oven repair in North Scottsdale, Appliance Care & Repair is the right call to make.


Wishing you had more fresh ice to pour a cold drink on a hot day? Struggling with an icemaker on the fritz? No problem—just give us a call and we’ll handle your North Scottsdale icemaker repair in no time flat. Some of the possible problems include clogged lines and a faulty sensor.

Cooktop Repair

Problems with your cooktop could point to many different issues, such as gas supply problems or switch failure. When you bring our team to your North Scottsdale home, we’ll figure out what is going on and correct it as soon as possible. Contact us at (480) 466-9606 to schedule cooktop or range repair in North Scottsdale.

Washer Repair

It’s frustrating to be unable to do laundry on your regular schedule, and that laundry can pile up in a hurry when your washer isn’t working. Let us help. Call Appliance Care & Repair today to schedule an appointment, so we can handle your North Scottsdale washer repair as soon as possible.

Dryer Repair

What happens when you add clothes to your dryer and push the button to start the cycle? If it won’t do anything, or if it runs but doesn’t really dry the clothes, you can turn to our experts to get to the bottom of the matter. We’ll provide prompt dryer repair at a reasonable price.

We Can Repair Any Appliance Brand in North Scottsdale

One of the challenges in the appliance repair business is keeping up with the many different models sold and manufactured. We have made this a focus of our appliance service company, so we are able to come into your home and handle the task regardless of what brand or brands you may own. Names like Samsung, LG, Sharp, Whirlpool, Sub Zero, Amana, Bosch, and GE are just some of the brands with which we’re familiar.

Take advantage of our brand expertise. Call (480) 466-9606 to schedule appliance service in North Scottsdale.
Appliance Repair in North Scottsdale

The Coverage You and the Rest of North Scottsdale Deserve

You should always get some form of warranty coverage whenever you pay for a repair. That certainly includes appliances. It’s a sign that the company you hired stands behind their work. That’s why we provide our customers in North Scottsdale with a 1-year parts and labor warranty on every job that we complete.

Go with the Next Time You Need Appliance Service

Have you been let down by other North Scottsdale appliance repair companies? Leave those frustrations in the past and turn to Appliance Care & Repair for service you can trust and prices that you will love. Reach out at (480) 466-9606 to discuss our services and to schedule your first appointment. You can also check out our reviews on Google to see what past clients had to say.

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